Karachi United
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Youth Academy

The Karachi United Academy is responsible for development of talented footballers for Karachi United’s senior teams and Pakistan. We feel very positively about the talent that exists in Karachi (and Pakistan) and are making a dedicated and serious effort in training these players to be the football stars of the future.

The program at Karachi United Academy is designed to challenge footballers that demonstrate a high level of technical ability with the right attitude and aspiration to work hard, improve and achieve laurels for Karachi United, Pakistan and beyond. The program consists of coaching advanced concepts of football, both technical and tactical, including focus on nutrition, and education in order to enhance decision making.

Presently, the Karachi United Academy is developing players across three age groups, under 16, under 13, under 11 respectively. All player selections are based purely on merit after comprehensive analysis of a player’s ability and attitude. To date, most players have been inducted from the Karachi United Youth Program or Karachi United Centers of Excellence but KU is also open to players outside KU’s own programs.

Future plans include a residential Academy, complete with formal education and residential facilities to provide for a full time training and development program.