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Karachi United initiated its Youth Program to foster the development of children in football. Our aim is to provide the new generation a chance to participate in the world’s most popular sport in a safe and friendly environment. Among the main objectives of our youth system is to produce talent for the club and country. KU’s Youth Program has tailored its curriculum and policies to focus on this aspect. The discipline towards this objective has enabled a consistent pipeline of players that have been and will continue to graduate and represent the Club’s senior team in national leagues and tournaments. Players from our youth system have represented KU at both national and international levels. Karachi United’s Youth Program runs on a continuous basis throughout the year. During this time, we emphasize on teaching the fundamentals of football and the theoretical side of the game while instilling a culture of teamwork in all participants. Throughout the course, players are analyzed to determine their level of achievement, relative competencies, strengths and weaknesses.

Selection Process

All applicants to the program should have a desire to become footballers and be willing to work hard to achieve this goal. Coaching sessions are planned in advance, addressing the details on improving player technique and developing each player’s ‘football brain’.


Players in the age bracket of 2-18 are encouraged to apply for selection into KU Youth.


The selection criterion varies broadly with different age groups, but some elements that are important and common across all groups are:


  • Enthusiasm and discipline
  • Athleticism (Speed, Agility)
  • Physical strength
  • Good passing and control technique


Players above 10 years of age are assessed on a monthly basis. Any player found lacking in commitment (i.e. regularly missing practices, not applying themselves during practices) is issued a warning letter, after which he is judged for a month to see if there is improvement. If lacking any improvement, the player is released from the Club.


It is important for all applicants to understand that KU Youth takes its objectives very seriously. To consistently produce talent capable of playing in the Club’s senior team requires hard work and dedication by both the coaching staff and players.

Schedule / Location



Risk Release Agreement


Established in 2012, Karachi United’s ‘House System’ aligns with our belief that advocating healthy competition from a beginning level is necessary for the development of better players and harnessing talent.
The house system aims to do just that. By creating a sense of belonging and responsibility in youth players, we seek to improve the level of football being played within the Club
The four houses are based on the merits of legendary footballers. Each player represents important elements of the game and emphasizes excellence in their own creative way. Each house has been created with equal integrity.

House Color:Yellow
House Color:Blue
House Color:Red
Goal Keeper
House Color:Black

In the same light, each player within the Youth Program has been placed in a particular house by the Club.


The division is executed in a professional manner and there is no favoritism. Please note that the club cannot entertain requests for changing houses based on players’ choices or preferences. Our system will only be successful if balance and fairness is maintained. These are qualities we also wish to instill in our players and learning to work in teams is part of the process.