Karachi United
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Karachi United Schools Championship

KUSC was set up by in 2005 with the objectives of providing a forum for students to play a competitive tournament in a safe, professional environment; and harnessing the best football talent at the school level. By identifying such talent, Karachi United is able to facilitate and provide the players an opportunity to pursue their passion professionally.

Being one of the most renowned tournaments within Karachi and running into its 11th Edition in 2015, KUSC has grown from hosting 16 teams to 64 teams. Over the years, it has been played in Lahore as well, with the grand finale being played between the finalists from Karachi and Lahore. Currently, the championship has a boys and girls edition.

The following schools top the list based on the KUSC finals over the years:


Karachi Grammer School
Nixor College
The Lyceum Academy
Agakhan Higher Secondary School
Sensorium School System
The City School PAF system
St. Patricks High School